2015 World Ski Championships, Vail / Beaver Creek

Here we go!!!

We arrived with a big Hungarian national team (25 – in installments) with 2 tons of total cargo weight to USA.

14 hours flying, 2 transfers, 2 hours driving…

Fantastic place for the world champs. One of the most famous (and expensive) ski places in the World and the legendary Bird of Pray slope looks pretty exciting especially from the Super G start with bib: 65. ūüėČ

Well, my main discipline is Slalom but I could qualify for Super G (with strict criteria on FIS races) and the participation policy by the Association dictated this choice. Anyway, you know, the speed, the full course, jumps makes me really¬†curious even if I couldn’t be among¬†the best racers… By the way, it’s a good training to¬†get used to the high speed and also to challenge my skills and courageIMG_2521.IMG_2723





My second chance to start was the slalom qualification race, from where the top 25 could advance to the main board of¬†the final. Everybody was pushing and trying to be as fast as possible. After¬†the 1st run, I was in the 26th position and the people behind me were quite close, so I had to kick it.¬†¬†I did it the hard way… but over the difficult first part, I was caught by something in the course and I ended up with a bad straddle. I threw away my chance to beat it with the best ones, and I was thrown out of course falling virtually on my head.¬†I crashed terribly. I cannot remember the details, probably fainted and sprained¬†my ankle so much that couldn’t walk for a long time. It was double pain to see the rest of the race with my sore ankle wrapped in snow and banked up on a card board box at the finish area. Afterwards, I was forced to a long injured status…


ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015


Lots of efforts, lots of experience, catching the Birds of Pray, but crashing the slalom. This is the tally of the World Championships, followed by a painfully missing the subsequent races (Hungarian Champs, Junior World Champs, good point collecting FIS races, etc… However, the silver lining to it is the availability of some time to prepare for my baccalaureate and university entrance exams…



Training Camp-Austria M√∂lltal Glacier

I¬†started the training on M√∂lltal glacier with the Hungarian national team. We have Super-G training almost everyday because we have to get used to the feeling of the speed. Then we began the training for the technical disciplines too: Slalom or Giant Slalom. Sometimes we take the 6:30 train in¬†the morning and that means we wake up at 5:00 o’clock. It’s tiring after a while, especially because we go up above 3150m!

I feel stronger this year and looking forward to the WChamps¬†in the U.S. but “unfortunately” I can’t¬†neglect the school either because I am¬†graduating this year.

M√∂lltal pike 3150m ¬†My brand above all…

With the guys¬†…a great team of great spirits…

With my ski!;) Thank you Explosiv!¬†It is hot with the exploding “Explosives”!

Grass Ski World Championships 2014

I am participating at the FIS Grass Ski Junior World Championships in San Sicario Italy 2014.

It’s pretty good to be here, and a totally new experience for me. The first race was in Kaprun, World cup and it has given me a great motivation and especially courage…

This is a very exciting sport and its very good training for alpine skiing although grass skiing is way more dangerous than skiing because you cannot break!

You can turn, jump, and crash. Thats all what you can do.

Every run you have to “wax” put oil to the rollers. In fine we must wash this¬†machinery after skiing to keep it clean.

Here is a pic in Super G at the race:

Sharp turn to the lectin Super G - in grass skiing you have no chance to decrease your speed w/ usual alpine skiing moves.

Sharp turn to the lectin Super G – in grass skiing you have no chance to decrease your speed w/ usual alpine skiing moves.

GS-Super G  grass ski 95cm.

GS-Super G grass ski 95cm.

Check out what the Hungarian Ski Association wrote about me: http://www.skihungary.hu/hu/hirek/agyar-sizo-a-junior-gyepsi-veben/5910

This year’s FIS Alpine Ski Junior World Championships has been held in Slovakia – in the Lower Tatras, Jasna. The event was – of course – well organized, however the conditions were difficult sometimes. But as we know skiing is an outdoor activity we should not regret about the weather.

The army is ready to shred!

The army is ready to shred!

The races weren’t the best for me… – or how I planned earlier. My starting bib. was high as usual. But in the second runs I was able to make a good run on the better slopes.

I made pretty good points in SG (actually 73) and I enjoyed the DH, however I am not specialized on DH.

I made good friends at the village and fortunately I could meet with a lot of friends of mine.

After the races the Hungarian Havazin TV Show made an interview with me, and now I’m on the Hungarian Champs!

Stay tuned, I’m gonna upload news about the HUN Champs!

Me jumping 25 meters with the speed of approx. 130 km/h

Me jumping 25 meters with the speed of approx. 130 km/h

Preparing the skis

Preparing the skis

Havazin interview

Havazin interview

Early morning view

Early morning view

I tried but no Olympics this year for me

I was preparing myself to the Olympic Games like everbody else the since summer. I had the chance to go Sochi as the best Hungarian ski racer or the other way to qualify is to be in the top 500 in the world but the this one was not so easy…

Actually I have the second best points in Hungary and I couldn’t change it before the Olympic. So I couldn’t participate in Sochi.
Well it’s not a big problem because I am only 18 years old and I am not on the top in my ski career yet and I can improve a lot more so maybe i will be able to make some good result and not only to start…
Next Olympics: Korea 2018

So the next big race for me will be the Junior World Championships in Slovakia, Jasna.
Jasna is familiar place for me because it’s only 3 hours from my home and sometimes I go there for training or to race.

Stay tuned for the Junior Champs! ūüėČ